How To Eat and Game Efficiently

How To Eat and Game Efficiently

It is far to easy to reach for a bag of Doritos or a candy bar for a quick fix to curb a hunger that you knew would inevitably show up while binge gaming. And there always comes that point during your marathon when become so completely consumed that you can care less about the possible heart attack you may have later because of your snacking habits. Rarely does a gamer take into consideration that it isn’t just your body that’s suffering, but your mind and skills are taking a hit as well. Junk food appears to be the perfect solution to a hunger problem when you’re in the middle of a game spree because it’s easy and convenient. We seem to think that there aren’t any better options to keep our appetites in check or that it simply doesn’t make a difference. But in reality there are many simple options at our disposal to keep you energized as well as optimize you gaming performance. You just need to plan ahead a little.  Take a quick break from gaming to check out these few tips.

Part of the reason why we turn to junk food is that it’s easy to snack on without sacrificing any of your attention and only requires the use of one of your hands for a very brief moment. It’s a finger food. Produce is a great place to turn to for healthy finger foods. Junk food is also popular due to the fact that it very often requires little to no preparation. It helps you avoid having to stop gaming to cook or microwave anything. Raw produce is just as simple to prepare and takes no time to prepare as well. The one thing that junk food has over healthy food is that it’s resilient and doesn’t spoil as easily as healthy foods and usually can be eaten at room temperature and can be left out in the open for longer making it easier to keep within arms reach. But a dorm fridge in your game room can easily solve that problem.

Junk food may be cheap and easy but the cons definitely outweigh the pros. Junk food can actually hinder your gaming abilities and have physical effects on you that makes it more difficult to be able to game for long periods of time. Junk food is well known for spiking blood sugar and then quickly crashing causing fatigue, headaches, irritability and so on. In addition to that when you consume large amounts of fat your cognitive abilities take a hit and slows down your thinking. If you rely on junk food too much you may end up feeling too tired to continue gaming or have difficulty concentrating on it.

So if you’re ready to step up your game start by swapping out chips for almond, peanuts, cashews, or any other type of nut you prefer. Nuts will provides you with protein which help you feel full for longer. Stocking up on produce such as baby carrots, celery, grapes, blue berries and many more will give you fiber which also will also will help keep you feel satisfied for longer periods of time and will help you from eating calories you don’t need and are won’t harm your internal chemistry and act as any kind of distraction when gaming. Another healthy way to satisfy feelings of hunger is to keep a large bottle of water with you. Multiple studies have found that typically when a person thinks they feel hungry they are actually slightly dehydrated and if you drink water that feeling of hunger goes away immediately. This can help you avoid eating unnecessary calories. Also take the time to enjoy a family dinner with all of the nutrients that your body needs.

By making these small changes you’ll have see that not only will you have more stamina for uninterrupted gaming, but you gaming abilities themselves will improve from the mental clarity that comes from healthy foods and eliminating junk. Your waistline will appreciate these changes as well.

Earning Money While Gaming

Earning Money While Gaming

Gaming is a favorite pastime for many, and thanks to the variety of different consoles and games available, there is never a shortage on gamers and the systems/games they enjoy. Because gaming is such a popular industry, some people even make money while gaming. There are a few tried and proven ways to earn money while gaming, each of them come with their own set of pros and cons, but all of them can provide you with the money you desire, all by doing something you love.

Streaming While Playing

Thanks to the internet, people are able to earn money while gaming in ways that would never be imagined as possible. There are many game streaming services, such as Twitch, that allow you to collect donations as you stream your game play. Be warned that this isn’t a definite way to earn money, but many people have done rather well for themselves by doing this. You can get started today by creating a twitch account, downloading proper screen capture software, and beginning to stream to viewers as you play. To stream games on a device other than your computer, you’ll need to buy a video capture card, which come in a variety of different price ranges. If people like your channel, they may donate to you, usually by PayPal. Getting donations isn’t guaranteed, but if people enjoy how you play, and your commentary/personality as you’re playing, it’s likely people will donate to you. Many people easily earn over $200 per week by streaming game play. Always choose a game that’s popular, but doesn’t have thousands of other channels streaming the same thing. Stand out from the crowd, play games people are interested in, be funny, look nice, and communicate with your viewers. It also helps to publish a set time list of when you’ll stream and stick to it, people won’t watch your channel if they can’t tell when you’ll be streaming. If you dedicate enough time, and stand out from the crowd, donations are bound to start pouring in.

Game Testing

Breaking out into the field of game testing isn’t easy, and it’s hard work, often demanding most of your days. However, if you happen to get hired as a tester, you’ll end up making decent money for your hard work. There is no written guide book on how to become a game tester. There are a few places you can start, usually by messaging game companies and asking if any testers are needed. This is more likely to be a bigger success with indie game companies, as they’re less likely to have people who test the games in office for them. You can also find and message previous game testers for advice on how to get started. Taking out online ads may also gain enough attention for a game company to hire you. Be creative, draw attention to yourself, and people will take notice.

While there are other ways to earn money while gaming, the mentioned ways above are the most accessible. Be sure to commit yourself to any of these ventures, as they take a lot of time and hard work to pay off. Always be sure to enjoy yourself, if the job is becoming tedious, it may be time to call it quits. After all, you want to use your passion for gaming to earn money, you don’t want the search for money to kill your passion.

Getting Video Games Cheaply

Getting Video Games Cheaply

Visiting biggest video game specialty retailers like Game Stop. When you go to such a place, you will find that the prices of the games are lower than other game stores. This is because they sell pre-owned games that are in a perfect condition, also you may find new games too.

Look them up in the craigslist. This is site where people are fond of doing barter trade, by exchanging nearly everything. You get to find the one who has some games and organize a place where you will be meeting to do the transaction or exchange.

If you have buddies that are also game players, you can talk to them about exchanging the games or selling them to you. Chances that you will get cheap games are very high.

Visit or Ebay. Here they have games that are pre-owned and they are being sold at a half off the new price. Even though the price will be not a half, they are cheaper than other stores. Another advantage of using is that you can make a list of the games you want and the price you want to buy them at. You’ll get email response on your wish list of games with the lowest prices so you can purchase them.

Visit Goodwill. Here they sell all types of things including games. The good thing about Goodwill is that the price of things are based on their category rather than what they’re actually worth. This means that you can get a brand new game or a well preserved one at a very lower price.

Join a game trading site like Goozex It is free to join or you can pay a dollar or so. The mechanism here is that the site puts you in contact with someone who has a game that you are looking for, and automates the trading process. Here shipping ac be done to you.

Join Gamefly. This is a rental service that can cost you up to eight dollars a month. It resembles Netflix. Here games come in the mail and you have the option of keeping them for as long as you wish. When you wish to return them back, you just put them into the included envelope and drop them in the mailbox.

Take Breaks From Gaming

Take Breaks From Gaming

It’s hard to keep up with all the video games that are out these days. Gamers can select from a massive landscape of games to find their favourite ones.

We all know what it’s like to be inthe middle of a game, when you excludereal life and totally live in the fictitious and thrilling world that you found. It is very easy to miss tracking time. But to keep it simple, do not let yourself sucked into a game for several hours without having a break.

Lesson learned

In 2012 a Taiwanese teenager probably forgot measuring time after sitting down gaming in an internet café. After almost 2 days of constantly playing uninterrupted, an attendant found him resting on the table. When the attendant woke him up and the tried to walk away, but after a couple of steps, he collapsed and died.

‘Sitting Is the New Smoking’

It’s very important to move around, as constant sitting can result in further diseases such as thrombosis, changes in blood composition, cardio vascular problems. The position of the body affects oxygen intake, thus changing metabolism. It can cause headaches, fatigue because of the changes in circulation, too.Plus, Staring at the screen will also tire eyes, and makes supporting muscles weaker. Probably all gamers had headaches because of this.

Our body was designed to stand, and in a sitting position, our whole body weight is on our vertebras. Sitting passively turns off supporting muscles, and these together will lead to back pains.

Not to mention the classic tendonitis, which probably all gamers have experienced throughout their gaming career.

Fuel your body

You have to keep in mind regular, eating and drinking as well. Might sound obvious, but in the flow of a game people tend to forget even these as well. When even having a break to use the restroom is a challenge, then people won’t stand up for such ‘minor’ things.

Keep in mind that eating proper dishes is way healthier, and effective than to grab some snacks in front of the screen.

How to implement some changes?

Set out a time-cap for each sessions for yourself. Set an alarm for every 30 minutes so, to keep tracking time. In every hour, stand up a bit, move around, and have a longer break if hungry. With a full stomach, everything is easier.

If you are pretty much into a game, it might be a bit difficult. However, games can be overwhelming for your brain and eyes as well. So, no matter how much you’re into it, it’s always advisable to walk away from it for a couple of minutes. It will make you more effective by boosting the ability to focus.

If you feel that even one hour is too short for you, adjust gaming time to your needs. You’ll see what works for you, the most important this is not to forget having a break. Enjoy your sessions!

Gaming On A Budget

Gaming On A Budget

A few camps have introduced ideas for gaming on a budget. Fans want the latest release from their favorite developer. But they may be restricted when it comes to income. Budgetary considerations will introduce several important options for players. Both PC and console gaming are entirely possible when players make their choice.

Consider The Steam Community:

Steam introduces an option to download games off of a server. That has transformed the industry and given players new options. New video games are accessible through a range of vendors. Each community is set up to advertise a popular release. A forum will discuss popular options for gaming on a budget. If players follow a given arrangement, they can stretch their finances appropriately.

There are high quality games released for people. Gaming on a budget could include Steam in the rotation itself. That introduces intermediate players to new concepts. Steam has been carefully honed as part of a specialized agreement. Games are developed and released to audiences that enjoy them. New developers make a name for themselves via these select outlets. That helps brands get name recognition in an online community setting.

Find Console Games On Sale:

Major retailers are working to discuss ongoing projects for owners. Console games are introduced during official release dates. Promotional deals will lower the price for buyers. Gaming on a budget is entirely possible for people following along. Each game is listed as a popular entry for players.

Magazines and websites detail some of the valuable sales. Games are frequently marked down to make them more affordable for customers. The industry is welcoming criticism and input from a variety of corners. Most consoles are helpful, bringing new light to budgetary considerations. Developers want to get players interested in their latest selection of games themselves.

Build A PC From Components:

Experienced PC users will know how to set up components. There are guides written to build PCs from a set of instructions. PC materials are helpful for anyone following neat guides. Blueprints and diagrams are introduced for new participants. Following the instructions is difficult, but practice is an option.

An existing PC unit may be used to store components. RAM cards and hard drives are usually crucial to the installation process. Budgetary considerations are always valuable for new players. Gaming on a budget will make it challenging to build PCs effectively. Sound cards and graphics cards need to be installed for devices as well.