Earning Money While Gaming

Gaming is a favorite pastime for many, and thanks to the variety of different consoles and games available, there is never a shortage on gamers and the systems/games they enjoy. Because gaming is such a popular industry, some people even make money while gaming. There are a few tried and proven ways to earn money while gaming, each of them come with their own set of pros and cons, but all of them can provide you with the money you desire, all by doing something you love.

Streaming While Playing

Thanks to the internet, people are able to earn money while gaming in ways that would never be imagined as possible. There are many game streaming services, such as Twitch, that allow you to collect donations as you stream your game play. Be warned that this isn’t a definite way to earn money, but many people have done rather well for themselves by doing this. You can get started today by creating a twitch account, downloading proper screen capture software, and beginning to stream to viewers as you play. To stream games on a device other than your computer, you’ll need to buy a video capture card, which come in a variety of different price ranges. If people like your channel, they may donate to you, usually by PayPal. Getting donations isn’t guaranteed, but if people enjoy how you play, and your commentary/personality as you’re playing, it’s likely people will donate to you. Many people easily earn over $200 per week by streaming game play. Always choose a game that’s popular, but doesn’t have thousands of other channels streaming the same thing. Stand out from the crowd, play games people are interested in, be funny, look nice, and communicate with your viewers. It also helps to publish a set time list of when you’ll stream and stick to it, people won’t watch your channel if they can’t tell when you’ll be streaming. If you dedicate enough time, and stand out from the crowd, donations are bound to start pouring in.

Game Testing

Breaking out into the field of game testing isn’t easy, and it’s hard work, often demanding most of your days. However, if you happen to get hired as a tester, you’ll end up making decent money for your hard work. There is no written guide book on how to become a game tester. There are a few places you can start, usually by messaging game companies and asking if any testers are needed. This is more likely to be a bigger success with indie game companies, as they’re less likely to have people who test the games in office for them. You can also find and message previous game testers for advice on how to get started. Taking out online ads may also gain enough attention for a game company to hire you. Be creative, draw attention to yourself, and people will take notice.

While there are other ways to earn money while gaming, the mentioned ways above are the most accessible. Be sure to commit yourself to any of these ventures, as they take a lot of time and hard work to pay off. Always be sure to enjoy yourself, if the job is becoming tedious, it may be time to call it quits. After all, you want to use your passion for gaming to earn money, you don’t want the search for money to kill your passion.

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