Getting Video Games Cheaply

Visiting biggest video game specialty retailers like Game Stop. When you go to such a place, you will find that the prices of the games are lower than other game stores. This is because they sell pre-owned games that are in a perfect condition, also you may find new games too.

Look them up in the craigslist. This is site where people are fond of doing barter trade, by exchanging nearly everything. You get to find the one who has some games and organize a place where you will be meeting to do the transaction or exchange.

If you have buddies that are also game players, you can talk to them about exchanging the games or selling them to you. Chances that you will get cheap games are very high.

Visit or Ebay. Here they have games that are pre-owned and they are being sold at a half off the new price. Even though the price will be not a half, they are cheaper than other stores. Another advantage of using is that you can make a list of the games you want and the price you want to buy them at. You’ll get email response on your wish list of games with the lowest prices so you can purchase them.

Visit Goodwill. Here they sell all types of things including games. The good thing about Goodwill is that the price of things are based on their category rather than what they’re actually worth. This means that you can get a brand new game or a well preserved one at a very lower price.

Join a game trading site like Goozex It is free to join or you can pay a dollar or so. The mechanism here is that the site puts you in contact with someone who has a game that you are looking for, and automates the trading process. Here shipping ac be done to you.

Join Gamefly. This is a rental service that can cost you up to eight dollars a month. It resembles Netflix. Here games come in the mail and you have the option of keeping them for as long as you wish. When you wish to return them back, you just put them into the included envelope and drop them in the mailbox.

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