Take Breaks From Gaming

It’s hard to keep up with all the video games that are out these days. Gamers can select from a massive landscape of games to find their favourite ones.

We all know what it’s like to be inthe middle of a game, when you excludereal life and totally live in the fictitious and thrilling world that you found. It is very easy to miss tracking time. But to keep it simple, do not let yourself sucked into a game for several hours without having a break.

Lesson learned

In 2012 a Taiwanese teenager probably forgot measuring time after sitting down gaming in an internet café. After almost 2 days of constantly playing uninterrupted, an attendant found him resting on the table. When the attendant woke him up and the tried to walk away, but after a couple of steps, he collapsed and died.

‘Sitting Is the New Smoking’

It’s very important to move around, as constant sitting can result in further diseases such as thrombosis, changes in blood composition, cardio vascular problems. The position of the body affects oxygen intake, thus changing metabolism. It can cause headaches, fatigue because of the changes in circulation, too.Plus, Staring at the screen will also tire eyes, and makes supporting muscles weaker. Probably all gamers had headaches because of this.

Our body was designed to stand, and in a sitting position, our whole body weight is on our vertebras. Sitting passively turns off supporting muscles, and these together will lead to back pains.

Not to mention the classic tendonitis, which probably all gamers have experienced throughout their gaming career.

Fuel your body

You have to keep in mind regular, eating and drinking as well. Might sound obvious, but in the flow of a game people tend to forget even these as well. When even having a break to use the restroom is a challenge, then people won’t stand up for such ‘minor’ things.

Keep in mind that eating proper dishes is way healthier, and effective than to grab some snacks in front of the screen.

How to implement some changes?

Set out a time-cap for each sessions for yourself. Set an alarm for every 30 minutes so, to keep tracking time. In every hour, stand up a bit, move around, and have a longer break if hungry. With a full stomach, everything is easier.

If you are pretty much into a game, it might be a bit difficult. However, games can be overwhelming for your brain and eyes as well. So, no matter how much you’re into it, it’s always advisable to walk away from it for a couple of minutes. It will make you more effective by boosting the ability to focus.

If you feel that even one hour is too short for you, adjust gaming time to your needs. You’ll see what works for you, the most important this is not to forget having a break. Enjoy your sessions!

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